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China Gravy is a cross-cultural digital marketing agency, focusing on the burgeoning Chinese market.

China Gravy got its start in 2011 when Jon put Deana in charge of his entire marketing group (for three of his companies), across all US and China offices. Within six months, under Deana’s careful guidance, Deana’s marketing team became the leader in the field of online marketing in China. Upon seeing the organization that Deana had built, Jon and Deana chose to branch off to form a new company- China Gravy. After all, the entire organization was already in place…and extraordinarily successful.

Today, nearly 9 years later, China Gravy has established itself as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the world, focusing on delivering Western products, services, schools, businesses--anything really into the hands (and hearts!) of eager Chinese customers. It is what we do, and we're passionate about our work.

China Gravy’s success is based on two key understandings: our inherently western sensibilities, and our deep understanding of Chinese business culture. Through the unique vision of its founders Jon Frank and Deana Gao, the company makes sense of the Chinese market, for its clients.


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B2B Connection

Looking to connect with potential partners in China? China Gravy’s powerful B2B Connections service connects our clients directly with decision makers at relevant mainland Chinese firms.

“Getting local”

in China has never been so easy. 


Online Branding

The online business universe in China offers unlimited potential—but if you don’t know your way around online, it’s all too easy to get lost in the shuffle.


At China Gravy, we will establish your brand online, and promote it. Like champs.


Social Media ​Marketing

Because China’s business environment is so unique, Social Media is usually the first place that Chinese go when investigating a product, service, or company.


At China Gravy, our mission is to ensure that your message is not just credible online, but also professional-grade.


Leads Generation

Generating good leads in China is especially challenging for outsiders, especially if tackling Mainland for the first time.


We’ve perfected the art of generating not just leads, but qualified leads for our clients. It’s an art form, and once dialed in, it’s a beautiful thing indeed.

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​Our Team

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Janice Zhang

Director of Operations:


Claire Pink.png

Claire Pink

Head of Operations:

Australia / New Zealand

Peter Wang.png

Peter Wang

Head of Sales:


Marek Lenarcik

Head of Sales: 

Latin America 


Mya Yadanar Soe

Head of Sales:

SouthEast Asia

Laura Yang.png

Laura Yang

Project Manager 

Nico Zeng.png

Nico Zeng

Project Manager

Candice Jiang.png

Candice Jiang

Project Manager 

James Lam.png

James Lin

Project Manager 

Ye Fu.png

Ye Fu

Project Manager

Deana 2.png

Deana Gao

TRIUM Global Executive MBA


Linkedin (1).png

Jon Frank

Harvard MBA


Linkedin (1).png
Xiao Wang.png

Wang Xiao

Head Of IT

Hazel Pang.png

Hazel Pang

Project Manager 

Lisa Ye.png

Lisa Ye

Project Manager

Liz Li.png

Liz Li

Project Manager

Looey Gao.png

Looey Gao

Project Manager


​Our Clients

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