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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Social media is the first place where people will look you up in China. Professional-grade social media is the quickest path towards end-user and partners.

Social Media Management

  • Social media official account set up including Weibo(Chinese Twitter), Wechat(Chinese Facebook/Instagram), etc.

  • Video sites such as Bilibili (Chinese Youtube), Douyin(Tiktok) set up.

  • Other Social Media accounts such as Xiao Hong Shu, Zhihu, Douban, Live screaming, BBS, Chat Groups set up.

Content Creation

  • Social Media content strategy development.

  • Social Media Content development including copywriting, translation, and text editing.

  • Social Media posts layout design, picture and editing.

  • Social Media posts posting and management.

Social Media Campaigns

  • Online campaigns planning and executing.

  • Influencer/KOL engagement marketing.

  • Digital media Ads placement and monitoring.

  • Online event marketing

  • Online reputation monitoring and management.

User Engagement and Management

  • Social Media follower generation.

  • Social Media ad placement.

  • Content creation.

  • Follower interaction including FAQs, comments and enquiries scan and respond.

  • Targeted customers/ partners initial engagement.

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