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Deana Gao



Deana Gao was born in Chengdu China, she concentrated in journalism while studying at Sichuan University(top 10 Chinese universities ), and her knowledge in media has helped paved her remarkable career path. Deana is the rare individual who is 100% fluent in both English and Chinese…sensibilities.  Both Chinese and US Culture.  This skill, the ability to truly understand both Western and Chinese settings (not just “translate” between the two) are perhaps Deana’s greatest strengths.

Deana has helped countless companies set up their operations in China.  She led Admissionado’s entry into the China market (where she first met Jon Frank) and thanks to her online leadership especially, the company is now one of China’s most sought-after, elite agencies, sending students to study abroad.  Prior to her work with Admissionado, Deana had a similar role with a leading architecture practice in Chengdu, where again she set up the office and led its formation, marketing, social media, and bridging the gap between the western ownership and the mainland China market.  She has also worked as a radio host (for nationally syndicated program) and as a foreign teacher liason for an international teacher placement agency in China.

Connecting westerners to China is an art form; and Deana is the maestro.