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  • Embrace the world's largest population of internet users.

  • 91% of Chinese internet users are active on social media, compared to just 67% in the US.

  • Welcome to China Gravy.

Serving up fresh Chinese online marketing, daily.


China Gravy is a cutting-edge digital marketing agency, focusing on the burgeoning Chinese market.

The company develops and implements online marketing strategies for international companies that are targeting China. Through the unique vision of its founders Jon Frank (Harvard MBA and serial entrepreneur) and Deana Gao (digital marketing strategy guru) the company strikes the rare balance between western sensibilities and Chinese business. The company makes sense of the Chinese market, for its clients.


Who we are.

China Gravy got its start in 2011 when Jon put Deana in charge of his entire marketing group (for three of his companies), across all US and China offices. Within six months, under Deana’s careful guidance, Deana’s marketing team became the leader in the field of online marketing in China. Upon seeing the organization that Deana had built, Jon and Deana chose to branch off to form a new company- China Gravy. After all, the entire organization was already in place…and extraordinarily successful.

China Gravy’s success is based on two key understandings: western sensibilities, and Chinese business culture. Through the unique vision of its founders Jon Frank and Deana Gao, the company makes sense of the Chinese market, for its clients.

Why Choose Us?

The business opportunities that China’s “awakening dragon” promise are limitless. Yet breaking into China is challenging, especially for foreigners.

At China Gravy, we know that online media is the most effective way for western clients to develop brands, and market clearly in China. After all, China has the world’s largest population of internet users (649 million people, compared to 241 million in the US, and 121 million in India). In fact, China’s 649 million Internet users now outnumber the entire US population by a factor of 2: 1.

And that is why we are here. China Gravy serves up fresh, cutting edge, online marketing for the China market, daily.

Chinese Online.

Launching a digital media strategy in China is a daunting task, especially since the landscape changes so quickly—but it’s an absolute must to tap the China market.

– Many major western sites are blocked in China, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogspot, Vimeo, even Gmail. Essentially, most “western” means of marketing are shut down.

– Yet Chinese customers currently spend 40 minutes per day reading WeChat messages. Any comprehensive strategy in China must address WeChat, Asia’s fastest-growing social app.
–  63% of Chinese use Baidu for Internet search, and 97% of Chinese used Baidu once in the past six months. Optimizing performance on Baidu (SEO) is also critical for success in China.

Meet Our Team

Deana Gao

Deana Gao


Deana Gao was born in Chengdu China, she concentrated in journalism while studying at Sichuan University (a top-10 Chinese university), and her knowledge in media has helped paved her remarkable career path. Connecting westerners to China is an art form; and Deana is the maestro.

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Jon Frank

Jon Frank


Jon went to Brown University for Undergrad and Harvard Business School for his MBA. Today, Jon is a serial entrepreneur based in China. His successful China-based companies have ranged from the education to the financial services fields. Jon is a natural leader, a global business strategist, and an aspiring musical director.

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Jesper Nilsson

Jesper Nilsson

Art Director

Jesper went to Copenhagen Business School for his BA, one of Europe’s leading business programs. After graduation, Jesper began his career as an artist, entrepreneur, graphic and industrial designer. Today, he’s in charge of making sure that everything that China Gravy does online looks…amazing.

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Zhang Hao

Zhang Hao


Zhang is as comfortable talking about Chinese medicine and Buddhism as he is the roots of alternative rock music. Oh, and he is a veritable tech whiz, having worked in IT since graduating from China’s elite UESTC, and spending four years as Project Manager and programmer at IBM.

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China Gravy offers complete online marketing and PR services for its clients.

Master Social Media And SEO

Since 91% of Chinese are active on social media (compared to just 67% in the US), an online presence in an absolute must for international brands in China. And yet in China, most western social media are blocked! The leading Chinese social media left standing have become the closest thing China has to “Free Speech,” hastening the country’s movement away from traditional media, and towards “New Media.” By customizing companies’ Weibo, Weixin, and other relevant social media pages, China Gravy puts businesses firmly on the map in China. Next, China Gravy manages the accounts daily, interacting directly with new follower 5-6 times DAILY on EACH social media. Your target market won’t even know what hit ‘em.

Get Instantly Connected in China

Beyond the pure social media work we do, China Gravy also specializes in doing business development work for our clients, typically in the B2B space. This work can include help researching potential partners, identifying target companies, even reaching out directly to highly-qualified leads. This is the crux of our China Connections service. We identify 100 potential business contacts for our clients, reach out to them, work to hone that contact list, and eventually connect our clients to a steady stream of potential partners and leads. All that’s left for the client to do is to pick up the phone, and…seal the deal. Why leave your Chinese business to chance? China Gravy’s China Connections package takes our existing marketing packages into the final frontier of marketing. At China Gravy, we serve up connections directly into the key decision makers in China, daily.

Complete Chinese Brand Management

Perhaps your business requires more than just social media, or pure SEO. Perhaps your company is interested in setting up a new website in China, translating your existing site to Chinese, or even just dialing in the work that your China team has already set-up. And we’re here to help. The messaging that connects with western audiences is often inappropriate for the Chinese audience. China Gravy can help you to hone your message for the Chinese audience, through a highly-customized online media program tailored to your company’s needs. There is no need for you to move to China in order to launch your brand in the mainland…that’s what we are here for.

Customized Planning

All China Gravy packages are highly-customized to suit each of our clients’ unique needs. That’s why every engagement begins with an in-depth “deep dive,” through which China Gravy learns the client’s needs intimately, before structuring a plan. The strategies that China Gravy recommends are usually phased over time. Our initial ‘Build Up’ Phase typically includes establishing all Social Media channels, including Weibo and WeChat management. Once professionally-managed accounts (“the brand”) have been established, our second ‘Intensify’ Phase often begins to layer in additional digital strategies, such as SEO and perhaps some PR work as well. In our third and final ‘Aggressive Maintenance’ Phase, clients typically select from a menu of additional services, including email marketing campaigns, bilingual call center and sales support, high net-worth individual outreach, comprehensive real estate (or hotel site, etc.) listings support, and web design/management.

Check out our pricing

Complete Social Media Management

$ 2680

per month
  • Weibo set-up and verification
  • Wechat Set-Up and Custom Design
  • 1,000 targeted followers / month (Weibo)
  • 5 posts /day (Weibo)
  • Daily updates on Wechat
  • Daily interaction on Weibo and Wechat
  • Targeted lead generation on Weibo+Wechat
  • Set-up and manage of all Chinese social media (Weibo, Weixin, Douban, Youku, etc.)
  • Online campaign/event planning and execution*
  • Comprehensive monthly analytics and reporting
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Social Media, SEO, and Online PR

$ 4260

per month
  • Social Media Management package
  • Web traffic guaranteed to increase by 150-300%
  • 1-2 keywords guaranteed to rank in top-10
  • 2-5 Keywords guaranteed to rank in top-20
  • Strategic Keywords Definition
  • Complete Internal, Label, and External Optimization
  • Press releases on influential Chinese websites
  • Post on forums, creating buzz and positive press
  • Control and diminish negative publicity
  • Post 20 online press releases per month
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Complete Chinese brand management

Price Based on Client Direction

  • Additional services are available
  • Targeted Mass Email Campaign
  • 100,000 targeted emails sent per month (Emails targeted by income, geography, interests)
  • Exposure on Industry-Specific Exchanges (Real estate listing sites, hotel marketing sites, etc.)
  • Banner Ad Campaigns
  • Corporate and High Net-Worth Individual Outreach
  • Baidu Adwords Campaign Management
  • Call Center and Bilingual Support
  • Web Design and Management


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